Grey Goose: The Flyby Chelsea

Dec 16,2016

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I started at Morgan Stanley right out of business school in 1987, when mergers and acquisitions were a constant occurrence. I remember the feeling of excitement on my first day here 27 years ago because I was coming to a firm that was a leader in the marketplace — a position we still hold today. I was just as proud then as I am now to be part of such a brilliant team and such a successful franchise.  How have you progressed and evolved through your time at Morgan Stanley? 

For my first 10 years at the firm, I worked on some of the largest initial public offerings on record. Today. I am responsible for increasing business and client connectivity across the Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Sales & Trading businesses to contribute to the success of the firm.  When starting a relationship with a client. I help them to understand all of what Morgan Stanley can do for them. I work to show them how we can deliver on their needs, whatever they might be, and that we are a point of connectivity for every part of their life.


On any given day. I may fly into a city to meet with an institutional client. and then make a presentation to one of our Wealth Management branches on how to use firm resources to enhance client relationships and build business. There may be opportunities to speak to a gathering of prospective and current clients about anything from leadership to Capital Markets. Then I might address a group of women, or minority business owners, and share how Morgan Stanley can be helpful to them before concluding the day as a keynote speaker to a large gathering of our clients. 

While some days are heavily weighted toward our Wealth Management business, on other days the agenda might be more skewed toward our institutional business.  Finally, sponsors are those who carry your name with them into the room and behind closed doors will argue passionately on your behalf. They are spending their political and social capital on you. For both those whom I mentor and whom I sponsor, I expect them to do as equally passionate a job to mentor and sponsor others down the road.