"As a global citizen with business operations in UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the U.S. it is refreshing to have a partner with such extensive reach."

"Founder, Private Equity Fund, London"

"The Phenne team where instrumental in helping my business smash through the corporate glass ceiling. I will recommend their corporate support services."

"Small Business Owner, London"

"At a time when the lines between real luxury experiences and the norm are blurred, the Phenne team are remarkably astute in differentiating the two."

"Visual Artist, New York City"

"It can be daunting being a millennial in a fifth-generation family business, having the right support partner helps with everyday decisions and chores."

"Family Office, Singapore"

"With digital noise and machine intelligence drowning out empathy, I am pleased to have a lifestyle manager that understands the need for a human touch."

"CEO, Investment Banking, South Africa"

"I am conscious of the impact my acquisitions makes on people and society, Phenne understands the need for social impact, delighted to be a member."

"MD, Oil & Gas, Nigeria"

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